Recep BUDAK, renowned for his poems and films, was born in 1961 in Diyarbakır.
In 1978, he opened his own restaurant and started to cook. His first mastery in cookery; This meal is presented in the restaurant of Yılmaz Erdoğan’s most popular poem, “I liked the possibility of you eating boiled one day with Veysel Karani”. It is Recep Usta who makes scalding. Recep Usta; pan, boil the ribs stuffed and wattles primarily to Diyarbakir, including Turkey and the people who promote and popularize the various countries of the world.
Am If I offered a different taste, good food, good service, I am the happiest person in the world, ”says Recep Usta. As the flavor of the dishes prepared with this idea spread from language to language, it decides to carry these unique tastes to other provinces and chooses Ankara first. On February 18, 2002, the second restaurant opens on Reşit Galip Street.
The main menu of the pan, ribs, stuffed, roast stuffed turkey, wattle boiled, mumbar, staple kebabs, ribs skewer, butter stew such as Diyarbakir region to specific forms of food Recep Usta, Turkey contributes to food culture and rich culinary culture, our aims to be able to better diagnosis.
In the dishes made in Recep Usta Restaurants, lamb lamb is used. Lambs grown in their own farm in Diyarbakır are between 3-9 months old and slaughtered in their own slaughterhouse and brought to the center of Ankara on a daily basis. The meats are carefully separated and distributed to the branches according to the type of food to be made. The meat is separated from the nerves and fats in the meat processing units. The most delicious parts are prepared for use. The meat, which will be made with frying pan, stuffed ribs and bones, is seasoned with a special dressing system and the meat is served after waiting for 1 day. Meats used in meals other than these three meals in the menu are consumed daily.
Tavacı Recep Usta and his team are working diligently on the purchase of food, various goods and services appropriate to the quality of the products produced in their kitchens in order to implement and maintain the “Recep Usta quality policy de in the best way. This meticulousness has been registered with the quality control certificates and thanks given.
Another thing that has been registered is perfect service. Recep Usta employees serve every customer like a guest who has come to their homes. The goal is to make customers feel at home. In order to achieve this, employees go through many stages from recruitment to the moment they start to serve. Recep Usta, who has trained the personnel in many subjects from clothing to behavior after the purchase, is proud to be sure of the service provided to its guests.
Iş You know the best job, you won’t be surprised. Ust says Recep Usta, and while doing the work he knows, he also speaks his artistic side. Recep Usta, who has been in one-to-one business from the foundation of each branch until the end point is placed, works side by side with interior designers in branch decoration. The principle of creating the comfort that will make you feel at home while you are dining is offered to the guests with its delicious tastes.
Recep Usta does not make concessions about the quality of the food and the various goods used, the quality of the food and the quality of the food as much as the food without any rules. Recep Usta, who gives importance to the kitchen as well as the showcase in all branches, has appreciated this issue.
All these efforts and efforts are made for your hygiene, quality and delicious food and to leave you satisfied with our branches.
Recep Usta, who always does his job lovingly and respectfully in his working life that he started when he was a child, even walks in his branches with his work apron, welcomes every guest with a smiling face, watches them while eating delicious dishes from each other and also sends them off to the languages ​​with the words engraved into the minds.
“Above My Head …”